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Helping yourself or someone dear to you surpass the pain from drugs and alcohol abuse is just a phone call away. Call Best Way Rehab, your place of refuge to heal your mind and body from addiction. Simply dial (864) 568-0066 and let us help you check if your provider will fully cover our treatment services.

Treatment At Best Way Rehab Gives New Hope.

Can you dream for a new hope at Best Way Rehab? Yes, you can. Our center has a team of experts who clearly understand the importance of having multifaceted treatment that could address the individual’s needs. Our experts know that the levels pain caused by drugs and alcohol abuse are different from person to person. That is why the center can tailor your treatment program based on your needs since this will ensure treatment success and fast recovery. 

Release Negativity


Negativity in your mind and heart can affect your recovery. Your troubled mind may even sway you back to your old habits of alcohol and drugs. So, let negativity go!

Release Negativity


The first step in order to learn better communication is by opening up your heart and mind. Talk to our counselors and residents in a secure place where healing is fostered.

Find Happiness


Finding happiness is breeze once you ended the cycle of alcohol and drug abuse abuse in your life. Make happiness your ultimate goal.

Sincere People. Sincere Support.

We fully understand how you feel when you need support from other people since we experienced the same. With this, we are placing ourselves in your shoes, wherein we would provide you the utmost support like how we expected other people to treat us as well. More so, our team of experts who are directly providing support and help coupled with our unparalleled facilities make it easy for our alumni to become our best advertiser. Contact us today!

Instead of being fired, my boss sent me to Best Way Rehab. I listened and learned how to overcome my addiction. My days at Best Way Rehab were the most effective days of my life. But my real awakening came when I heard Susan, my ten year old daughter say for the first time: “Mom you don’t smell like alcohol anymore.”

Hermie C.

Best Way Rehab Alumni 2014

Without any reason, I woke one morning with a moment of clarity. I entered the One Step Rehab and straight away unloaded the burden of a life of shame and guilt. It felt as a bag full of bricks being removed off my back. Best Way changed my life. My heart feels very light today without all the bricks to carry around.

Luke C.

Best Way Rehab Alumni 2014

After occurring disability at work, my pain killer addiction got much worse. After a family intervention, I entered the Best Way Rehab Program. I learned not only how to present my experience but gained valuable details on how to care for my pain by taking exercise, mental practice and happy living.

William T.

Best Way Rehab Alumni 2009

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